Project Overview

Charity search needed to provide a more accurate and trustworthy way for customers to find the charity they are looking for. We also wanted to grow the amount of money going to charity through this product. Customers needed to be able to filter their options to find the charity they are looking for too as not everyone has a particular cause they wish to donate to from the outset.

My contribution (2).png (2).jpg

1-day workshop with CAF stakeholders to generate ideas about the future of the Charity Search & donation journey

We gave the challenge of writing a future press release to the team, which helped focus the team on the desired outcome and get everyone on the same page.

I designed personas for our target audiences, which became key focal points during both design and development stages (1).jpg

Incorporated feedback from the business on the initial wireframes.

Conducted a day's usability testing gathering vital feedback from users as they went through a series of tasks on my prototype.