Project Overview

In 2019, we helped almost 3,000 UK philanthropists give £177 million to charity. However, we needed to improve our current Trust digital product experience in order to drive this growth. Our vision for the ideal user experience was a new My Giving Dashboard that promotes a focus of change of “inspiring our clients to do more”.

Not only did the project allow us to update to our new look and feel but it made us think empathetically about our customers’ needs, goals and challenges when using our product. For example, before the redesign, customers had difficulty understanding their quarterly statements so it was imperative we simplified things. Consistent feedback from clients told us they found the old experience cumbersome and the journeys were rather clunky and dated.

We have financially sophisticated customers who are passionate about making a difference through their philanthropy, so we knew they needed efficient processing, their information in one place and a simple way to transfer money to charities. The new design also allows us to reach a younger and more tech-savvy philanthropist, as well as reducing internal processing costs due to more customers giving more and online rather than over the phone.

My contribution